#185 For the Mind (Organic Soul & House)

Hey peeps it’s Robbie, How are you doin’ ?

I’m about to take you on a journey through the lush realms of Organic Soul & House.

We kick things off with Kiledjian's ethereal track "2600" featuring the vocals of Sako Wana, setting the tone for what's to come. Next up, we delve into the depths of "Wisdom" by Deborah Jordan & K15, a soul-stirring tune that speaks to the heart and mind alike.

Next up we have DJ Psycho Bogani Givethanks' "Late Night Friday" in a Jazoul Remix, keeping the energy high and the vibes flowing. 
I’ve selected the latest release from Sly5thAve  "Monoxide," a fusion of funk and soul featuring MonoNeon MacKenzie & Peter Knudsen.

Moving on …. to BirdZzie's "Milhafre,"  The journey continues with Kareem Ali's "I've Missed You," a nostalgic groove, leading seamlessly into Tour-Maubourg's "Put Aside All the Sadness.

Bella Boo brings continues the vibe with "Way Chill," featuring Def Sound, followed a brand new release by Neon Pumps' "Body and Soul," a hypnotic jazzy number that resonates with my sound deeply.

We close out with Quantic's uplifting "Stand Up,"

Welcome to my world, where every beat is a blessing and every melody is a revelation.

Thanks for listing to and sharing ElecSoul xx



Kiledjian  - 2600 (feat. Sako Wana)
Deborah Jordan & K15  - Wisdom
DJ Psycho Bogani Givethanks - Late Night Friday (Jazoul Remix)
Sly5thAve  - Monoxide (feat. MonoNeon MacKenzie & Peter Knudsen)
BirdZzie - Milhafre
Kareem Ali - I've Missed You
Tour-Maubourg - Put Aside All the Sadness
Bella Boo  - Way Chill (feat. Def Sound)
Neon Pumps - Body and Soul
Quantic - Stand Up

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