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ElecSoul 195

ROBBIE DUNCAN · ElecSoul #195

Demograffics & Maniac - Universal Vibrations (feat. UCee)

Sam The Kid - Viaja No Meu Flow (feat. Valete & Lila)

Def Sound Annabelle Maginnis & Zhao - Hope

Lyric Jones - Better Now

Rodney Hunter…

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ElecSoul 194

ROBBIE DUNCAN · ElecSoul 194 

Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away
Daniel Crawford - Dancing Machine Remix
Amp Fiddler - Through Your Soul
Tall Black Guy - Love To The World
Angela Johnson - Play
Joe Hertz, IYAMAH…

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ElecSoul 192 (Jazzy Sound/Mostly Vinyl Show)

Vintage vinyl show (well not really vintage but includes a few bits from the 90s - 2007). 

@monobrow73 and @djrobbieduncan playing a selection of jazzy house grooves as part of @jazzstroud_ Saturday 25th May @soundrecordsstroud - come join us as!

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ElecSoul 191 (Early Summer Jams)

Looks like summer is here at last so come catch me play live soon!

Sunday 12th May - Stroud Brewery 2pm - 5pm

Friday 17th May Stroud Subscription Rooms (Leee John of Imagination Flashback Tour)





 JAZZ BLEEP, CHORD & GROOVE is a short trip through the soulful realms of jazz, curated to give you some insight to the ethos behind ElecSoul as a weekly online and live show concept.

From the timeless elegance of organist…

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ElecSoul #187 Reverie Vol. 1.

This week we travel through world of lo-fi beats and soulful rhythms with "Groove Reverie Vol. 1." This mix takes you on a journey through smooth melodies and laid-back vibes, containing tunes by some of the most talented artists in…

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#186 Soul PerSpecTive

Soul Perspective: A Journey Through Smooth Vibes

This episode:  "Soul Perspective," a blend of soulful alternative R&B and future funk. My aim is to carry you along a sonic journey that transcends genres, weaving together an eclectic melodies, rhythms, and…

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#185 For the Mind (Organic Soul & House)

Hey peeps it’s Robbie, How are you doin’ ?

I’m about to take you on a journey through the lush realms of Organic Soul & House.

We kick things off with Kiledjian's ethereal track "2600" featuring the vocals of Sako…

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#183 Amapiano Soul

Introducing DJ Robbie Duncan's electrifying Amapiano Soul Mix, a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and immerses listeners in the soulful depths of Amapiano music. Renowned for his unparalleled skill in curating immersive musical experiences, DJ Robbie Duncan has masterfully blended…

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Welcome to 'Seeds of Spring,' a soulful journey through the blooming melodies and vibrant rhythms that signify the awakening of a new season. Just like seeds planted in the soil, this mixtape aims to cultivate positivity, growth, and renewal. So…

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