#170 U.M.T.0.2 (Untitled Mix Tape #2)

I’m fascinated with the concept of minimising the equipment available to perform and create. To that end, for this show I have used the IOS App, DJAY Pro 2 to perform the mix in one session straight to digital tape.
I've not listened back to the mix before uploading it so there maybe errors and impurities to sound, transitions and timing.

Titles shared:

Stutter -Danniella Dee

keep on (demo) - E Carter Ace

Nada Pode Me Calar - Espen Horne

ORoFINO - Amsterdam

Soldiers (WheelUp Remix) - Tiawa

I Can Take It - Theo Parrish

Pool Shapes - Bobby Donny Soundsystem

Jazz Drumz - EVM128

Pasteleira's Finest - Archermano


Intentions - Frits Wentink


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