ElecSoul #149 SeE JazZ heaR JazZ

ElecSoul #149 SeE JazZ heaR JazZ


Dele Sosimi & the Estuary 21 - Mo Ṣe B'​ọ​́​lá T​á​n feat. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

James Brown - Why (Am I Treated So Bad) (Album Version)

Grover Washington -Jr. - Knucklehead

Ash Walker - Time Gets Wasted (feat. Sly5thAve & Denitia)

Sven Wunder - Easy Going

Tony Allen - Don't Believe the Dancers

As One - Problems

Fybe:one - You Go Down Smooth

Retromigration - Bezzix - Aso (Original Mix)

QVLN Oyobi Ahyko - Rey Xango (Original Mix)

Subjective feat. Lady Blackbird - Yoshi's Highway (feat. Lady Blackbird)

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