ElecSoul #139 Ft. Conclave, New Sector Movement,Nyamekye Junction


ELECSOUL DJ Bookings: info@djrobbieduncan.com

Ego Ella May - Tea & Sympathy 
Roselien - Give Me A Break 
Giraffage - Green Tea 
Salin - Reality (feat. Monica Para) 
Conclave - Rise (Mike Simonetti Remix) 
New Sector Movements - Stand (feat. Mike City) 
Nyamekye Junction - Too Many Bags (Radio Edit) 
Flow - Adlinea 
Girls of the Internet - Remember My Name (Pépe's "Name: Remembered" Remix)

So, I’m taking the concept on the road this year and would love to know if you there’s a cool venue in your town/city I should reach out to. Ideally, 100-200 people capacity, nice artsy vibe and regularly host Soulful Jazz and House events.

Any major capital city in the UK and Europe could work.  
I’m keen to collaborate with like-minded musicians, DJs & producers 
Reach out to me on: Infor@djrobbieduncan.com.

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