ElecSoul 63 Ft. Mat Cappy, Hunterones, Llouups, Kiefer and more..

This week I'm sharing special 2 episode podcast.  

ElecSoul 63, playing my usual upfront Soul-Jazz & R&B influenced releases and a separate tribute episode in the memory of my late cousin, Carlton Roy Duncan.   

Carlton passed away 20 July 2021 after a long illness. 

Track listing for ElecSoul 63: 

Matt Cappy - Look At Us Now (Ft. B Slade & Brenda Roy 
Ironsides - Huntertones (Time to Play album) 
Fish Fly Too - Llouups 
I Love My Friends - Kiefer 
Bump - Kansas Smitty's 
Mirrors - Rejjie Snow, Snoh Alegra, Cam O' Bi 
Next Level - Tall Black Guy, Kaya Maeesha 
Keep The Dream Alive - D.Daily 
Burst Again - Lonesome Dog, Hak Baker 
Space 3 - Nala Sinephro 
Love Me - Juls & Niniola 
Overture - TryAngle Man 
Pearson Sound - Everything Is Inside Out

Available now on SoundCloud,Apple Podcast, TuneIn Radio

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