ElecSoul #148 Systematic Bounce


Systematic Bounce:

El Payo - Night Crawler (Original Mix)
Theo Parrish ft. Maurissa Rose - This Is Your You (Original Mix)
Heilika Lebedev (RU) - Must Be Love (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
Moods Noah Slee Lyriya Meron - Treat U Good (Original Mix)
Session Victim - Dromedary Twist (Original Mix)
Roland Clark - Love Will Never End (Original Mix)
Huw Marc Bennett  - Y Gwydd 
Born74 - Freedom To Choose

I’m taking the concept on the road this year and would love to know if you there’s a cool venue in your town/city I should reach out to. Ideally, 100-200 people capacity, nice artsy vibe and regularly host Soulful Jazz and House events.

Any major capital city in the UK and Europe could work. 
I’m keen to collaborate with like-minded musicians, DJs & producers
Reach out to me.

Bookings: info@djrobbieduncan.com

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