#184 Wrong Side Of Town (Ft.Talib Kweli, Sven Wunder,Aqua Bassino)

"Wrong Side of Town" is a captivating mix curated by DJ Robbie Duncan, blending a diverse range of tracks that traverse through various genres and moods. The mix kicks off with the smooth rhythms of Talib Kweli's "Favela Love" featuring Seu Jorge, setting the tone for a journey through soulful beats and eclectic melodies.

Sven Wunder's "Take A Break" introduces a laid-back groove before transitioning seamlessly into the funky vibes of Free Nationals' "Gangsta." Bread & Souls' "Little Did I Know" adds a touch of introspection, leading into Galcher Lustwerk's "Soul Control" in a Palms Trax Remix, which infuses the mix with a deep, hypnotic energy.

Toro Y Moi's "New Beat" injects a dose of freshness with its catchy rhythms, followed by the serene ambiance of Smooth Lights' "Sunset at Angra with My Wife." Osquello's "Restless" introduces a sense of restlessness before Aqua Bassino's "Baby C'mon" uplifts the mood with its infectious groove.

Max Dolan's "Fading" brings a reflective atmosphere, paving the way for Orelha Negra's "Soul2" to captivate with its soulful essence. Steven Julien's "Page 3" adds an experimental touch, leading into Franck Roger's "Limitless," which immerses listeners in a deep, melodic journey.

Jimpster's "You're My Ecstacy" injects a burst of energy with its upbeat tempo, before Cesária Evora's "Bondade e Maldade" in a Yoruba Soul Mix by Osunlade closes the mix on a soul-stirring note, leaving listeners craving more of DJ Robbie Duncan's expertly curated sonic adventure through the "Wrong Side of Town."



Talib Kweli - Favela Love (feat. Seu Jorge)
Sven Wunder - Take A Break
Free Nationals - Gangsta
Bread & Souls - Little Did I Know
Galcher Lustwerk - Soul Control (Palms Trax Remix)
Toro Y Moi - New Beat
Smooth Lights - Sunset at Angra with My Wife
Osquello - Restless
Aqua Bassino - Baby C'mon
Max Dolan - Fading
Orelha Negra - Soul2
Steven Julien - Page 3
Franck Roger - Limitless
Jimpster - You're My Ecstacy
Cesária Evora - Bondade e Maldade (Yoruba Soul Mix by Osunlade)

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