Unreleased Brazilian Remix

Half of the proceeds for this release will be donated to Redes da Maré, which is engaged in COVID-19 aid projects to assist the 16 favelas of Maré in Rio de Janeiro. As you've probably heard, the virus has hit Brazil hard. The projects focus on food security, health care, prevention and special support for women, artists and the homeless. Redes da Maré are also involved in the 'Watch out for Corona!' campaign designed to disseminate reliable COVID-19 information through various media including community radio.  

The other half will be donated to 3RRR FM in Melbourne, the community radio station where I have been presenting Stylin' for the last 19 years. I've thrown in the intro for Stylin' here as a little bonus. I might be doing an update of this soon, as there are a few more tunes based on Dynasty's 'Adventures in the Land of Music' that I could work in too. 3RRR is doing it tough at the moment. Since COVID-19 has hit the music and arts scenes so hard here, a big chunk of our sponsorship revenue is gone, so we are more reliant than ever on listener support. 

More info and to support 3RRR FM and Redes da Maré directly: 

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