DJ Robbie Duncan


Robbie Duncan’s signature style is a fusion of Jazz, Soul, Funk & House where the boundaries between genres blur to create an immersive and unforgettable sonic experience. Known for his ability to read a crowd and curate sets that transcend expectations, Robbie has graced the stages of the Round House, Ministry of Sound, Bush Hall and left an indelible mark on audiences.

With an innate passion for music and a gift for orchestrating electrifying atmospheres, Robbie Duncan stands as a dynamic force in the world of DJing. Renowned for seamlessly blending diverse genres and crafting unforgettable sonic experiences, Robbie has become a sought-after talent known for elevating events to extraordinary heights.

Always at the forefront of musical innovation,Robbie embraces cutting-edge technologies and incorporates them seamlessly into his sets.


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We thank you for your entertaining presence. The feedback we received was excellent. They loved the venue and the music. Will definitely recommend you! All the best,” ”
You were fantastic, thank you for all your help! We had so much fun. We hope to see you too in the future, and we now know who to ask to DJ - (That would be you by the way! ) ”
You were AMAZING! Everyone absolutely loved the music at the party so thank you very very much for all your help and advice and enthusiasm”
Everyone loved it and that is primarily down to you setting the scene with style. Hope you enjoyed it and I will recommend you to anyone I know”