ElecSoul Live - The Soul of Disco

Here it is!
ElecSoul Live - The Soul of Disco recorded at  SVA, Stroud. 
The concept was to provide a laidback afternoon of Soul influenced Disco in relaxed surroundings enabling our friends to catch up after the Christmas festivities.  

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#173 Elecsoul Live @ Sound Records Stroud, UK

Thank you for popping in to Sound Records yesterday afternoon so nice to share good Funk, Soul, Jazz and more..

Special thank you to our host Tom Berry and DJ Neon Pumps for taking this episodes cover shot.

Full recording…

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#165 No more war!

What a world we are living in today. 
Please, please, no more war, devastation and loss of life (human, wildlife and habitats). 

In this episode I've selected tracks with a meaning, some new releases and one or two living classics…

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