ElecSoul 71 Ft. Bap Notes, Greg Foat, Schrimshire, Logic 1000, Kaelin Ellis, Cid Rim and more…

Weekly Soul-Jazz & Electronic music show hosted by Robbie Duncan. 

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Featuring Bap Notes, Greg Foat, Schrimshire, Logic 1000, Kaelin Ellis, Cid Rim and more… 

JB Suite II - Tall Black Guy (Taken from JB Suite I & II EP) 


EVBW2BD - Bapnotes - ( Taken from The Record Store Vol. 3 - Dollar bin) 


Children of the Internet - Future Utopia (Ezra Collective Remix) 


To be In Love - Bapnotes, Arrielle Deem (Taken from THE RECORD STORE - TOP FLOOR. VOL1 by BAP NOTES) 


More cool Bapnotes info https://bapnotes.com/aboutus 

Formed during jam sessions held in co-founder Rod Morgan's garage. Through these sessions, the unique sound was birthed. With rhythm and groove at the focus, the Bap Notes formed like Voltron destined to save the boom-bap. 

Rod Morgan, keyboards; Russell Brown, guitar; Cornelius Daniels, drums and vocals; Mark Knox (styled Marknoxx), vocals and drums; Emmanuel “EJ” Johnson, keys; Ellwood Allen, bass guitar; Joby Morrow, trombone; and Emery Mesich, sax and flute. 

Valley Of The Black Cats - Aleksi Heinola, Greg Foat, Teemu Åkerblom 


The Pile (feat. Cleveland Watkiss) - Schrimshire 


Far Beyond (full album mix) - Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band 


Oh No! (Feat. Estelle) - Kaytranada 

Mine All Mine - Fybe Flip by Fybe:one 


Gray Area (Feat. Mick Jenkins) - Kaytranada 

Trust Yourself - Mental Instrum 


Safe In My Arms - Logic 1000 


There's Someone For Everyone (DJ Disciples'sClub Mix) - Jozee 

Last Snow - Cid Rim (Taken from Songs of Vienna Album) 


Coastin - Kaelin Ellis  (Taken from EP WAKE UP / COASTIN) 


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